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It all started with two professional jump jockeys riding out on wet and cold mornings
on the South Downs, messing about in front of the video camera, Wocket Woy & The Pwoducer, the internet sensation, was born.

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Dunk Off


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Would love to buy the mug as Christmas presents but can’t find it in the shop, will it be a ‘goodie coming soon’?

Useful to know a rich tea actually dunks better than a shortbread but the king of all the dunkers is the gingersnap and that has to dunk in coffee 😊

Well Mattie, you are definitely a pwofessional!.....A pwofessional wascal..... and i bet you even dunked in cold tea 😉. I agwee with the pwoducer..... rich tea all the way. Have a gweat weekend. X

Brilliant swap of the biscuit. Chocolate digestive for me but the problem wouldn't be surviving the dunk challenge, it would be surviving the stuffing it down my mouth challenge before I got on the horse 😂

"You won't beat this...the shortbread...oh yesss!" 😆 love you guys ❤ I once had a mug of tea which i didn't 'drink' as such but did by way of 'dunking' the mug til empty with ginger nut biscuits 😆

These two are so bloody annoying although I guess thats the appeal but what ambassadors for the thoroughbred... just shows what fantastic clever and sane horses they really are... love it ... keep it up ! 😀😀

Wicket Woy what is that mud I see on George’s neck again, tut tut!!! Love the dunk challenge but what about a ginger nut! Have a good weekend 😊

😂😂😂 ginger nuts all the way, keep up the Sat morn laughs guys, and we are all used to the mud now 🤣🙈

Mattie you wascal! 😁 But you have better taste in biscuits. The only way Rich Tea is edible is if it's dunked. Shortbread far superior biscwuit! I hope you shared the tea and biscuits with George anyway!

I cant do a dunk off i live in germany and the germans only have horrid biscuits.. i would kill for a custard cream or a rich tea 🙂

Omg Sam Lockhart if this isn’t me and you with custard creams and digestives then I don’t know what is😂😂

It's got to be the good old gawibaldi! The cuwwants hold evewything together! 🤣🤣xxx

I personally would of gone with a hob knob!

Rich tea is the king of the dinners!

Mattie shame on you !! You little wascal. I think you own up to the pwoducer that you cheated 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

Wich tea defo a good dunker great laugh x

😂😂😂 love these 2 im alwalys chuckling like a little kid when I watch them 🤗🤗 xx

Digestives are the ultimate biscuit!!!! ☕🍪

Laura Taylor this would be you, little miss competitive! Get the kettle on 😉

Pat Ebdon we should do a scientific test like this 😁😂

Get dunking Amanda Stuart haha Have a good weekend. Prizes prizes lol

I'm so going further then you two. the digestive.

Ginger nuts all the way - best dunkers ever!!! 🍪🍪

The king of all dunkers is of course the chocolate hobnob 😁👍🏻

Izzy Cameron here’s summit new to try😂

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Who needs one of these jackets!? We all know someone who thinks they're pwofessional at evewything........ Limited edition on sale for special pwice up until Black Fwiday only www.wocketwoyshop.co.uk ...

Who needs one of these jackets!? We all know someone who thinks theyre pwofessional at evewything........ Limited edition on sale for special pwice up until Black Fwiday only www.wocketwoyshop.co.uk


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Omg I love it! Will have to wait till I'm allowed home from hospital, been here 8 weeks and they said I will prob be here till at least xmas or beyond.... once I'm out and am earning again this is my first buy LOVE IT!!!!! Xx

Tracy Mostyn you must get our pwofessional one of these for Xmas xx

Unless, of course, you live outside the UK. Because if you do, you are not allowed to buy ANYTHING from Wocket Woy & The Pwoducer

Lin Marriott-Lodge I really want one for christmas 😊

Judy Penfold Birthday present 🎁?!

Daniela Prokschi Vani Vanessa Prokschi ich mag eine haben 😂 ich bin der Ober-Pwofessional 😂

James Griffiths theses are nice😉

Edwin Whatley Jennie Whatley Xmas present ideas !!!

Debbie Wagstaff please please please

Fredrika Karinsdotter Tycker du kan köpa en 😉

Edie Smith !!!!!!!!!!!

Wallace Erwin I want one 😁

Chris Dixon plz x

Jack Howard Daniel Patrick

Karolina Dimming Ekdahl 👍🏼👌🏼😂

Lisa Mckay 😂

Natalie Anne Shields Charlie Barrett

Stephanie Frame 🙊

Jared Priest!!

Laura Hamilton

Dee Corbett

Lowri Roberts 😍😍

Suzanne Waller

Libby Southerton

Lisa Morgan

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1 week ago

Wocket Woy & The Pwoducer



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What's wong pwoducer...do you need cheewing up ? What have you been up to Mattie. Obviously a pwoffessional by the looks of the photo. 😉

Woy weally wocks the beanie doesn't he? The pwoducer ?.. he just looks gwouchie 🙁

The pwoducer looks less than happy? What did you do to him again??

Pwoducer working the Zoolander "Blue Steel" look! 🤣😉

You two weally weally cwack me up.

Love 💕 both of you, you crack me up 😆 and George 🐴 of course!! Xx

Pwoducer looks like a saddo. You look gawgeous. Need to get you on Swictly! 😊

Aww Mr Pwoducer...you're a good looking guy so smile...it's nearly Christmas!! Ho! Ho! Ho! 🎅

Looking cold and miserable pwoducer

The Pwoducer looks like he needs cheering up 😀😀😀😀😀😀xx

Happy smiles from the USA, keep it up!

The pwoducer looks plastic? Super imposed into the pic 😂

What a pout pwoducer 😀

Smile pwoducer!!

Pwoducef as he bween bwossy again......

Love these😁

you two quack me up 😂😂😂😂😂😂

Growchy pwoducer?

Smile pwoducer xxxx

So gwouchy

Now that's a handsome pair

Fab guys

They need a tweat!

Love these to make me laugh x

Aww love these two ❤️❤️❤️x

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Do you know someone who is Pwemature?


Instagwam: @wocketwoy_official
Twitter: @wocketwoyteam



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Maybe Wocket Woy and The Pwoducer should do something for world prematurity day on the 17th November. It raises awareness for all premature babies and the work neonatal units provide around the world 🌍

George needs a medal... he is gorgeous.... you two aren't too bad either.... you brighten the start to each weekend 😊😂😂😂😂 thank you

Love the way when the music started Georges head looked like it was nodding to the beat. ( i know it was just the movement when mattie was moving in the saddle) but I agree no decs yet. We are not a Harrods or Sainsbury's. We expect it of a shop and the buying channel on tv but not at home, yet. Beginning of December I think for the early birds, but if they are up too early your sick to death of seeing them by Christmas Eve 😂

The best horesmen and the best horses ever - the work that goes into making a horse that bomb proof in unbelievable and its all done with such fun by these two amazing guys.

Christmas is November is wrong! You're right pwoducer. Although there's something quite amusing watching Woy and George dancing to the 'christmas' music!!

No! Definitely NO! No twimming up until the second week of December. You're just not giving the chwistmas elves time to pwepare.... and you most definitely will upset Santa's timetable! Now, get cwacking on your calendar photo shoot. Love Georges nodding to the music.... he's obviously a pwemature like Matty. Xx

I'm sooooo shocked you naughty boy producer. Verweeeeee wrude. Can't wait to see you in your xmas outfit. You need to empty your pockets before filming, I got quite excited when I looked at your Joddies.

Qwite wight Mr Pwoducer! But, but all Cwistmas cakes and Puddins must be made in November so we can pour in as much bwandy before the Big Mans Birthday celebwations! Then we will have a good weekend!

Ok so it's official your now in the USA my horse friends and family want me to post you each weekend lol..... They said thanks giving would be nice.. last Thursday of the year.. and don't forget they go mad for black Friday.. .

I confess to being 'premature' too - we are sampling Christmas puddings already in order to find the best one for The Day. Lovely George, he danced too.

Oh guys love love but please no decoration on the lights terrifying fire hazards but big kiss to George for putting up with all that tinsel lol 🤗 xxx

Well done pwoducer, you tell him. Much too early whether he's heard that before or not. George looked a little down with it all, very patient boy. Always makes me chuckle. Xx

Bahahahaha! you guys are a cwack up! and George.. well his blood needs bottling.. what an absolute darling he is. Thanks for the giggle you trio of bweuties...

Bwilliant as ever, love you two well three if you count George!! Just time for you to say Happy Birthday to me as it is today!!! Xx

Holly....do you reckon you could use Arn to do similar?! 😂 I reckon he’d be completely up for it!...he loved that tiny bit of tinsel last time.

I saw Batch driving through my home town on Tuesday and thought I haven’t watched a video for ages. Thanks boys. Always makes me giggle!

Oh humbug not the Christmas decorations now has no one told you 12 days before take down 12th night after 🙄have a good weekend ❤️

Omg yes I love the elf costume speaking of which I have been asked to dwess up as an elf for my club chwistmas party hahaha

Aww gorgeous George ... Such a good sport bless him, I am afraid I'm a premmy, get them decorations up yay!! Lol xx

I may not be be pwemature but I am definitely vertically challenged 😆 keep the films up - love them ❤️

What do you think Cindy Smith ,Hannah Demock and Katie Smith. We could dress Ted up like this he would love it 😂😂

I totally agwee Matty. Love the way George nods along to the music 😁😁😁😁

Mabe wocket woy And the pwoducer and horseys should be wearing poppies for Remembrance Day 😊 🌺 xx

Even George was nodding his head to the music!

Kirsty Brooksby hope Princess is ready, its nearly time for those antlers!!🤣

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2 weeks ago

Wocket Woy & The Pwoducer



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Pwoducer is like yup camera is there and I’m gonna stare straight at the ladies whilst Woy is like anddddd pretend to have that sultry stare off into the distance face ooooo yeah the ladies will be throwing themselves at me

Love both you wascals you make a lot of people laugh, keep doing what your doing, hoped you watch Melbourne cup, maybe you could enter George 😂😂😂👏👏😉

Not many men look good in bobble hats!! 🙂

Wwwwwwel wwwwhat a pair of wwwwwascals !!

Hi I want a signed photo of you both please ❤️

Pwoducer sizzling sultry.pose. wocket woy. Well.wot.wooose.wears a pwink.bobble.hwat

You're too thexthy for your bobbwwles, your bobbwwles , your bobbwwles !! 😉😁

Love you 2 guys any chance you coming to the north east lol

Will you be at your horse live again this year ?

You look vewi young. Have you been doing some air bwushing?

Anita Morgan we need another wocket woy hat 😂

How is Rocket Roy himself these days??

Where’s Nobby ?

Wooking good!

You guys are so funny 👍🏻

Pwoducer for me xxxx #cheekygrin xx

Double trouble

Looking smashing 💜

You two looking pwetty! 😉

Wove you two's

Pair of wascals ... where’s George ?




Stacey James ah my hubbies ❤️

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